Introduction of Comprehensive Pilot Area

Hangzhou, the capital city of ancient China one thousand years ago, is now where the G20 Summit hosted and the great land of E-commerce. Plenty of E-commerce enterprises, as represented by Alibaba, are blooming and flourishing here to make it one of the greatest potential cities for E-commerce in the worldwide. The E-commerce dramatically reforms the trade pattern today, and drives the cross-border trade to a more efficient way. China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area (Comprehensive Pilot Area for short) was established in 2015 to promote a healthy development of cross-border E-commerce in China. By building both online integrated service platform and offline integrated service in the Comprehensive Pilot Area, we hope we can provide those E-commerce enterprises in Hangzhou with much more convenience in their cross-border E-commerce business, and offer the foreign enterprises with more opportunities for hunting cooperation partners and building their business in this beautiful city.

Introduction of e-pro

The e-pro platform, the best window to have a peek at the E-commerce in Hangzhou, is developed by Comprehensive Pilot Area to promote the trade on internet for the countries along the Belt and Road. Here you can look for and cooperate with the excellent E-commerce enterprises in Hangzhou; here you will not miss any events hosted by Comprehensive Pilot Area; here you can also find out the process of entering into Comprehensive Pilot Area and the preferential policies you may enjoy. If any further questions, please contact us by filling the online form in Buyer Service Center, and we will reply soon with sincere thanks!