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In 2015, China’s first comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce was officially launched in Hangzhou. In 2018, the Hangzhou pilot zone officially published its “New Trade, New Services, New Manufacturing” plan, which aims to open up new international e-commerce trading opportunities, optimize cross-border ecommerce services, and develop new manufacturing in the foreign e-commerce sector.

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Zhejiang province, with its well-developed manufacturing industry, keeps all industrial added value, export delivery value and total assets at the forefront of China. 1/5 companies in the top 500 manufacturers in China come from Zhejiang, where is the most important gathering land for production and procurement of Light Industry & Daily Use not only for China but also for the whole world. Hangzhou, as the provincial capital of Zhejiang, owns solid foundation of foreign trade industry. With sufficient supply online, the textiles and garments from Yuhang District, down products, bedding and furniture from Xiaoshan District, pens, stationery and sporting goods from Tonglu County, lights from Lia’an District all provide advantages on export trade and good basic for cross-border E-commerce’s development.